Crack Chasers: How They Work

If you would prefer to get the job done right, ensure you have the right tools and supplies on hand. Concrete crack repair is easier and you will get better results when utilizing one of our high-quality, high-speed crack chasers blades. What is a crack chaser? This is a specialized type of saw blade designed [...]

Preventing Cracks when using a Diamond Saw Blade

Cutting clean lines with a diamond saw blade can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. Many factors must align in order for the particular material you are cutting to properly react to the blade’s edge. Dull or chipped blades will definitely cause problems, as will using the wrong blade speed, mounting hardware, and [...]

Domestic Aggregate Map for Diamond Blade Selection

Before purchasing a diamond blade, it is important that you understand Aggregate Hardness. Aggregate hardness relates to the type of materials that concrete is made up of. The hardness of minerals found in aggregate relates to its resistance to abrasion. Usually aggregate hardness varies based off geographic location, as well as local availability of materials. [...]

How to Use Cup Wheels For Surface Preparation

In construction, surface preparation is crucial to the first stages of treating a hard surface of building material to increase its ability to adhere to coatings. Coating performance is affected by the quality of surface preparations. Coatings are a vital part of the construction process that provide your materials, like steel, with protection against corrosion. [...]

The Future of Diamond Blades

The use of diamond saw blades is poised to continue its growth well beyond 2019 and Blades & Bits is primed and ready for what’s ahead! The United States is one of the largest markets for diamond saw blades as they are used for a wide range of applications from cutting glass and ceramics to [...]

One of Our Most Versatile Diamond Blade

Whether you’re a contractor or DIY homeowner, if your projects require you to cut a wide range of materials, you’ll want a blade as versatile as your needs. Longevity and affordability are vital to diamond blades, so finding a single blade able to handle virtually any material can be a lifesaver. That’s why we recommend [...]

Choosing Between Dry & Wet Cutting

Using diamond saw blades provides a wealth of advantages. Their ruggedness allows them to cut through a large amount of materials with ease. Diamond saw blades are reserved for the most important and toughest jobs simply because they can do it all. While many of them can be used either wet or dry, there are [...]

Using the Green Giant Diamond Saw Blade

The Green Giant diamond saw blade is one of our favorite and most popular blades for cutting concrete, block, brick, masonry, and so much more. Contractors and construction professionals alike are always looking for ways to save time and money on their projects and the Green Giant does just that. This blade is a top [...]

How Does a Diamond Blade Work?

What Are Diamond Blades Made Of? While most saws get the job done by cutting through materials, diamond blades are designed to “cut” by grinding. Diamond blades are composed of diamond bits with a metal core. Diamond blades are created by bonding a diamond segmented rim and steel core that is durable enough to remain [...]

DIY Steps to Cut Brick Pavers with Diamond Saw Blades

While there are several tools you can use to cut brick pavers like a handheld circular saws, wet tile saws, miter saws and masonry saws, each one of them has a single component in common that helps cut the bricks – a special blade, Diamond saw blade! Constructing a patio out of brick pavers is well practiced do-it-yourself task done by most homeowners as it requires fewer skills and gives outstanding results.